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Services at Village Austria 

Our Special treatment of Guests

34 Village Austria Haus 3.jpg

A very clean Villa

Weekly cleaning service

-Fresh, Quality towels

-Quality bed linen, pillow/blanket covers

-Kitchen cleanup, floor sweep and dust removal

36 Village Austria Pattaya Shooting 2.jpg

The Finest Catering in Pattaya


Delivered right to your Villa


Wine Menu


Luxury Vintage Car Tours

Austin 8 Tourer 1946

-3 Seats for Guest Passengers

-A truly Unique Experience

-City tours, Nights out in style, Wedding events and more!

Luxury at the Beach

Beach Cart Service

-1 Minute Drive from your Villa

-Tents, Towels, and sun beds are provided

-Guests are provided with a private area 

-Guests will be sent and picked up 

VA yacht haha.png

Luxury on the Sea

-15 Max passengers for a day-cruise

-3 Cabins, double beds and airconditioned

Snorkeling, Yacht parties and Fishing 

-Catering and Beverages provided

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